Hello and Welcome!

If you are a new reader or have been following me since I started publishing my writing waaaaay back in the fall of 2012, I am happy and grateful that you are here.

I always wanted to write. I remember reading great stories in all sorts of books and my imagination went off on tangents for my own creations. I also remember very interesting stories that I would hear people tell. We are all natural story-lovers, especially when there is a personal connection with the story teller, a character, or element in the story. I wanted to write stories.

My purpose for writing is to spread a positive, hopeful, inspirational, motivational, and insightful message through words. In stories, quotes, and rhymes. At times when looking for new books, I couldn't find the books with the message that seemed so clear to me: about love, knowledge, truth, perspective, and clear thinking. I remembered reading somewhere that if you can't find the book your looking for, you should write it. So I did. The feedback I have received for my writing has ranged from: "I have always felt that...but was afraid to say it or couldn't put it into words," to "It made me think, and I don't agree with it but it really made me think." That was my goal all along. To help people discover themselves, their beliefs, and their voices.

As I always say, “A writer is nothing without his readers.” And you guys are the absolute best. Feel free to reach out to me on here, Facebook, or any other social media. I always love talking to you.

See you on page one,

Carlos :)