New rap & hip-hop song "A Rapper's Prayer" from the upcoming book "Got the Flow: The Hip-Hop Diary of a Young Rapper" by Carlos Salinas

The main character of the book ("Got the Flow: The Hip-Hop Diary of a Young Rapper") 16-year-old Troy Jones is in the hospital as his mom just survived a heart attack from overworking and stress. He is determined to become a successful rapper to give his mom a better life. Inspired by the pain of the his mom's hospitalization and the fear of his upcoming 3rd rap battle (he lost his first two) he pens this rap to God. The book is due out Fall 2017. THIS SONG IS FREE FOR DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD AND FEEL FREE TO SHARE THE MP3. :) Free excerpt and updates at! Thanks for listening!

I pray to God to let my tongue keep up with my mind
And stay true to my heart ‘n not fall behind
I got my mom in there, lyin’ inches from death,
If you must take somethin’, let it be my breath

I just ask you, God, if you up there listenin’
Help me get to that next level, grant me discipline
I know one thing for sho Heaven’s gotta have a ghetto
Cuz where else in death do I get to go?
So this is it time to give it all I got,
I gotta do it now, whether I’m afraid or not,
Every man’s gotta face his dyin’ day
I just hope my ain’t tomorrow, so this I pray
I'm just a street soldier livin’ with a code of honor
Tryin’ to help my mom with stress she feel on her
Cuz even a gangsta rapper can find redemption
For the sins committed before revelation
So I Thank you, God, I was saved by your grace,
for givin’ me this gift to get my mom out this place
So I ask watch over me as they drop the beats
Guide my mic as I try to get up outta these streets
It ain’t only for me but more for my mom
Cuz I’m burnin’ inside but I gotta stay calm
Some men are born to be good some born to be bad
As for me I only came with just a pen ‘n’ a pad
So before I go, ‘n’ before I die,
Best believe I’m gonna bleed this pen dry

I pray to God to let my tongue keep up with my mind
And stay true to my heart ‘n not fall behind
I got my mom in there, lyin’ inches from death,
If you must take somethin’, let it be my breath

In this dark world hip hop’s a ray of light
‘n’ I’m a magnifying glass harnessin’ its might,
I know one day we all gon’ end up in a hearse
The only thing I ask for is for one last verse
Violence all around me walking alongside killing
There's gotta be a way to end this n’ start the healin’
I don’t fear death, when it comes to toll the bell,
One life’s more than enough if it’s lived well,
So don't take her yet cuz it ain't her time
She's gotta be ‘round to sing my baby nursery rhymes
As the clock ticks, I grab the mic even tighter
Who really needs sleep? I’m pullin’ an all-nighter
I got the fire inside and it burns for hip-hop
Won’t stop til I die or I make it to the top
So gimme a chance, gimme one more try
And I promise to change this world before I die

I pray to God to let my tongue keep up with my mind
And stay true to my heart ‘n not fall behind
I got my mom in there, lyin’ inches from death,
If you must take somethin’, let it be my breath


Free PDF Excerpt from the soon-to-be-published Young Adult Fiction Novel Got the Flow: The Diary of a Young Rapper

I am happy you are here and am looking forward to hearing feedback from each and every one of you about what you liked (and didn’t like about this upcoming novel) Got the Flow: The Diary of a Young Rapper. I am writing this book because I have seen (and worked with so many educationally-disenfranchised kids that “hate school and reading”. This book is designed to be engaging and riveting for those students who feel like most books don’t speak to them and can’t connect to the characters of the book.

Book synopsis:
Troy Jones is a 16-yr-old high school student with the dream of becoming a successful rapper. Not chasing fame, Troy wants to help his mother who works three jobs to support her family after Troy’s father was killed as a bystander in a tragic drive-by. Having problems in school, Troy tries to get I.S.S. as often as he can so he can work on his rap lyrics. Mrs. Hass, his science teacher hates rap & hip-hop music and constantly gives Troy a hard time. On the other hand Troy’s English teacher, Mr. Salas, is a beacon of hope and inspiration to the young, aspiring rapper. Mr. Salas provides him with the tools to improve his craft of writing hip-hop lyrics. When Troy’s best friend Jimmy moves to another school, Troy’s opportunity to perform in rap battles arrives. Being a nobody, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Along the way, he meets his idol rapper, a love interest (Tonya), gets his music equipment stolen, and temporarily gives up on his “crazy” dream. He knows that he does not only want to succeed; he needs to succeed.

I hope you are as excited as I am for the completion of this young adult novel! Please consider sending me feedback on what you liked and didn’t like about this excerpt to As a thank-you, I will add your email to my free eBooks email list and will happily send you a copy of the finished eBook when it is published later this year! Free PDF excerpt for download here.

Thank you kindly for reading.
See you on page one,

Carlos Salinas

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Hello! I am a passionate teacher and writer that loves to create lessons that are interactive, genuine, original and have a purpose. I like to make custom lesson plans and materials that engage my students and help them take ownership for their learning. I have published two books, The Little Book of Big Quotes Vol. I and The Poems Vol. I, on Amazon and am currently working on a YA novel and collection of short stories (excerpts available soon). I hope you find these materials helpful!

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See you on page one,
Carlos Salinas

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