On Writing

 Everyone should write. I say everyone because there are no two people on this planet that feel the same about the exact same thing. It can be interpreted a thousand different ways by a thousand different people. Your view on any given subject is not exactly the same as any other person's. There has never been and will never be a person that thinks just like you do and the beauty of the written work is that people can still agree or disagree with you, even though you may have expressed it differently than they might have.
    Words are a weapon, a tool, a touch, a paint. They can create vivid images and stir emotions deep within us. The goal of the writer is to take the reader for a ride. That ride can go up, down, or both. A good writer will do so and leave the reader wanting more. The most moving and meaningful writings have already been penned and told, but to think, that it is just the beginning. New writers are emerging all the time. As the language changes, so will the stories and their characters; but the concepts of the human heart, mind, and soul have always existed and will always be present, even in the most concise works of literature. The writer is a magician; creating something from nothing.
    The most wondrous part of writing is that words are free. You don't need permission or money to write that letter, pen that poem, or verse that song- it's all at your fingertips. The noblest of trees have provided their very fibers so that writers may stir a sense of love, wonder, fear, joy, sadness, and knowledge in the reader. The mission of words is so important I felt compelled to compose a poem in its honor (titled "Warrior of Words'), a small gesture for such a big concept.

See you on page one,
Carlos Salinas